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Digital Marketing in Dubai

The GCC is a region of great opportunity, it's additionally fiercely competitive. Battles are more and more fought on digital track and any company seeking leverage over competitors should enlist the assistance of a digital marketing agency to mount that challenge.

In the digital marketing business, technology has been evolving at the speed of sunshine. The jump from Mad Men-era advertising ways to today’s high tech digital promoting is like moving from the Lunar Lander to the Start-ship Enterprise. The modern promoting crew has new roles, new duties, and new worlds of promoting possibilities to explore – new tools and technology to try and do it with.

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The Rise of New Marketing Tools

  • Websites
  • Mobile Promoting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Promoting
  • Social Media
  • Google AdWords
  • Pay Per Click

  • Digital Marketing Business in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai)

    There are over 227 web designs and online promoting digital marketing agencies operating a business in GCC; there are 109 digital marketing companies within the UAE alone. While there's some overlap within the forms of services provided, most firms have developed their own market niches.

    Corporations tend to become accepted and recognised for their skills in a specific space like web design and development, internet marketing, search engine optimization, design, software development, trainings, social media optimization or in a specific industry like Government, Banking, Comm. and Tech, Hospitality, F&B, Health & Fitness, Publications, Radio, TV, Education, Real Estate, Events and SMEs.

    Key Selling Digital Marketing Services in UAE

    Digital marketing could be a terribly diverse business. There are many of various digital marketing services that agencies offer to all or any industries and business sectors.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Business Applications
  • Video Submission
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Sharing
  • PPC Management
  • Key Market Segments

  • Key market segments vary by agency specialty. The key markets for digital promoting are Government, Banking, Comm. and Tech, hospitality, F&B, Health & Fitness, Publications, Radio, TV, Education, realty, Events, and SMEs. The dimensions of these markets are unknown as a result of they are frequently dynamic and there are not any tracking mechanisms in place to accurately ensure what proportion these market segments purchase digital marketing annually.

    Business Method and Shopping for Criteria

    The buying method for digital marketing companies varies by kind of consumer and by kind of service. Businesses realize and selected digital marketing agencies using many ways.

  • Referral
  • Request for Proposal
  • Open Bidding System (OBS)

  • Key Industry Trends in UAE

    The digital marketing companies in UAE such as Abu Dhabi is growing for 2 key reasons. One is that demand for online marketing services is increasing as firms downsize and contract out work that was traditionally done in-house. Company economy has also resulted in many managers being laid off. It's troublesome for several of those individuals to seek out similar employment and as a result, several of those managers begin their own businesses. More or less 100% become consultants, several providing freelance services to the companies they only left.

    Those that begin different forms of businesses could need specialized digital consulting services to boost their possibilities of success. So company economy has resulted in a rise each within the provisions of, and demand for, digital marketing services. The amount of business starts in UAE has up two hundredths annually over the last 3 years.

    GCC net users as of year 2012

  • Saudi Arabia – 13 million net users
  • United Arab Emirates – 5.8 million net users
  • 69% Males
  • 31% Females
  • Oman – 2.1 million net users
  • Kuwait – 1.9 million net users
  • Qatar – 1.6 million net users
  • Bahrain - .9 million net users
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