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SEO Daddy is one of the top Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies in Dubai, UAE. In over four years in Search Marketing industry, we have come a long way and are now counted among the best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services companies in Dubai, UAE.

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    What is Search Engine Marketing?

    Promotion of websites, digital products by increasing their visibility in Search Engine Results Page (SERP)is what is called Search Engine Marketing. This is primarily achieved through paid advertising, PPC. SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

    Search engine marketing allows advertisers to bid on keywords that users of services like Google, Bing etc. are likely to enter. This is done using platforms like Google AdWords services. Thus advertisers can make their ad appear alongside search results for those queries. These ads are often referred as Pay-Per-Click ads or PPC ads. PPCs come in different forms like text ads, display ads etc. Each form enjoys its own benefits.

    The most celebrated aspect of SEM is that ads can be targeted and by targeted, we mean targeted to very specific users. For example, by using the right keywords and other parameters an advertiser can choose to show the ad of a geared bike (his product) to a user who is searching for a geared bike at the moment. Now, how cool is that?

    Being the top PPC Services Company in Dubai, UAE/SEM Services Company, Dubai, UAE, we have garnered enough experience to derive very effective Search Engine Marketing strategies, PPC campaigns, remarketing and each and every aspect of SEM.

    SEO vs SEM

    Search Engine Marketing/SEM generally refers to paid search marketing, wherein businesses pay Google/Bing etc. to show their ads in search results. Search Engine Optimization/SEO does not involve payment. SEO includes all the techniques that are implemented to earn a free spot in search results, not just any spot but one among the first few pages of the SERP.

    Earlier SEM was referred to as a part of SEO, but now both are considered two different pillars under the vast roof called Search Marketing.

    SEO Daddy treats both SEO and SEM with equal importance. We have been the top SEO company in Dubai for years now. We handle PPC campaigns/Search Marketing campaigns with utmost discipline, taking care of all the factors that play prominent roles in making the campaigns successful like:

    • -Keyword Analysis
    • -Keywords and Account Structure
    • -Ad Auction techniques and guidelines
    • -Google AdWords Quality Score
    • -Foreseen Click-Through Rates
    • -Negative Keywords

    There are a plethora of other factors which contribute to an effective Search Engine Marketing campaign. The good news is, you don’t have to bother about all these as you have the best, PPC Services Company in Dubai/SEM Services Company Dubai/Search Engine Marketing Company in Dubai/Remarketing Company.

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