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SEO-Daddy is the best Affiliate Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE. We have been in Affiliate Marketing industry for more than four years now and are among the top Affiliate Marketing companies in Dubai, UAE.

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    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Though affiliate marketing is one of the most advance forms of marketing, it is often overlooked by businesses. A merchant paying a commission to online entities known as affiliates for referring a prospect to the merchant’s website – This is the essence of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is performance-based. Affiliates only get paid if the sale happens (though there are exceptions like Cost Per Action (CPA) or Cost Per Click (CPC)). SEO Daddy provides the best affiliate programs in Dubai.


    Affiliates can be any website but most of the times they are bloggers or other content sites relates to the merchant’s industry.

    Affiliates write features/blog/article/promotional articles about the merchant’s product/business to attract prospects, to drive potential traffic to the merchant’s site. There are several methods that affiliates adapt to drive traffic. They might feature banner ads in their site or offer coupons. If customers come through affiliate’s website and a sale happens, the affiliate is paid. Being the one of the best Affiliate Marketing companies in Dubai, UAE, SEO Daddy knows the length and breadth of affiliate marketing.


    Eighty percentage of affiliate programs today work on Pay Per Sale (PPS) basis. Though there are other models of payment too like:

    -Cost Per Action/Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Affiliates are paid for a sale, a click, or submitting a form.
    -Cost Per Mile (CPM ): Affiliates are paid per thousand views or clicks
    -Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click (CPC/PPC): Affiliates are paid when the ad is clicked on.

    Core Players in Affiliate Marketing:

    1. Merchant: This is the owner of the product/business who wishes to sell his product/service.
    2. Network: The intermediary between publisher/affiliate and the merchant affiliate programs. Make the job of affiliates easier by helping them find affiliate programs easily.
    3. Publisher/Affiliate
    4. Customer

    SEO Daddy stands out with its highly-professional and result-oriented approach towards Affiliate Marketing model and keeps keen eye on top affiliate networks in Dubai, UAE. Contact us now to associate with the best affiliate programs in Dubai, UAE.

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    There are a number of affiliate marketing companies in Dubai those have been the market leaders for quiet some time now. Listed below are top affiliate marketing companies in Dubai.

    • AdCombo
    • Avangate
    • AvantLink
    • ClickBank
    • eBay Partner Network
    • eBay Partner Network
    • Rakuten Marketing
    • RevenueWire
    • ReviMedia
    • ShareASale
    • Thrive Internet Marketing

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